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KOMOAAP is a non-profit sports federation, controlled and supervised by the competent state body in the field of sport


KOMOAAP is a non-profit sports federation, controlled and supervised by the competent state body in the field of sport (today: Cyprus Sports Organization of Cyprus) and representing abroad and in Cyprus the mountaineering / Hiking, climbing, competitive climbing and Orienteering as well as any other sports and activities that will be included in the future. KOMOAAP is a member of the International Federation of sport climbing (IFSC), the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (UIAA), the European Union of Mountaineering Associations (HUMA) and the International Orienteering Federation (IOF) which with all is in close cooperation to ensure that the standards and the implementations of the rules recognized by their member countries to make us a full member.


The organization, administration, management, development, elevation, and dissemination of sports and activities in all forms.
The establishment, organization, management, training, and coordination of rescue teams for cases of climbing accidents or other types of accidents in the mountains in cooperation with other competent bodies.

Active involvement in the protection of the mountain nature, with the approval of the competent body.
Support, guidance, direction, and supervision (as interpreted by Article 3 (b) of the Statute) of its member Associations.

The creation of a complete climbing and climbing archive (Associations, persons, important ascents, climbs, missions, competitions, schools, meetings, conferences, huts, etc.), as well as the enrichment of its library its publications.
Wider dissemination of knowledge (publications, lectures, projections, exhibitions, publications, broadcasts, etc.), mountaineering, sports, mountains and mountain nature in general.

Organize and supervise, whenever possible, national championships for all sports covered by the federation.
Participates with athletes in international or other competitions.

It reinforces ethically and, if possible, materially its member associations in order to promote the intended purpose.
It establishes friendly relations with international foreign federations.

Registrations of the Federation in International Associations or Federations.
Creates, organizes and runs schools for the training of athletes, judges, timers, trainers, etc.

Develop National Teams for its international participation.

In order to achieve the above objectives and within its capabilities, the Federation:

Cooperates with its member Associations to cultivate and disseminate all its sports and activities.
Collects information from its member Associations on their action in order to conduct an annual evaluation and categorization according to an Evaluation System approved by the General Assembly.

Establishes, organizes and runs mountaineering, mountaineering racing and courses in Cyprus and abroad, as well as training centers for athletes or other members of their Associations.
Organizes conferences and educational events (seminars, lectures, screenings, etc.) for its purposes.

Plan and organize international, pancyprian or regional events (ascents, rock climbs, crossings, mountaineering routes, orientation exercises, gatherings, educational camps, etc.)
Plan and organize international, pancyprian or regional competitions for mountaineering, racing, racing and / or other sports.

Organizes pancyprian or regional mountaineering missions in overseas mountains. (h) Cares for the sending of athletes, assistant trainers, trainers, coaches, judges, timers, executives, etc. mountaineering.
Appoints technical advisors, trainers, assistant trainers, Cypriot mountain escorts, judges, timekeepers, executives, etc., as well as coaches in cooperation with the CMO or other competent body, for the activities and sports he represents and according to its legislation, its regulations and the internationally applicable.

Participates in international, national or local events (conferences, councils, seminars, exhibitions, etc.) relevant to its purposes or organizes similar events in Cyprus.
Manufactures & extends, manufactures and maintains facilities that cater to climbing, racing, and Race Orienteering. (Mountain shelters, mountain huts, artificial climbing tracks, sports centers, etc.)

Organize courses, events and seminars of: (a) Climbing (b) Hiking (c) Mountain Rescue (d) Competitive Climbing (e) Competitive Orienteering.


The Board of Directors of the Federation consists of 19 persons:

Assistant Secretary


Assistant Treasurer

Sports Secretary

Club Representatives

The Board of Directors is supplemented by representatives of the Clubs (one from each Club in a total of 6 for now).


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